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What can you use scaffolding structures for?

What can you use scaffolding structures for?

A Coca-Cola sign that's at the top of a building on a scaffolding structure

On your daily journey, you’re likely to see at least a dozen scaffolding structures. But for what and why do they exist? We pass by them so frequently that we probably don’t even notice them anymore. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the main uses for scaffolding in Swansea. Also, we’ll touch upon another unusual way how it is often utilised which you might not have thought of.

Some of the main uses for scaffolding structures

For safety and accessibility concerns, a handful of construction projects and activities need the use of scaffolding. The reason is the scaffolding cost is far cheaper than an accident.

Home improvements

The majority of the time, if not always, scaffolding is required to perform home improvement projects. Some of the most common are attic conversions and roof replacements. So construction workers may require access towers or work platforms to reach the top. This is to make their tasks easier and more efficient.

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Painting and decorating

Scaffolding is essential to the safety and security of painters because they are often required to operate at high altitudes. Therefore, they must have easy and safe access to all areas of the building. This is so that they may operate and move around the site with their tools and equipment close at hand.

Building repair

There is a greater danger of injury when a building’s gutters or roof are being repaired because of the defects that are being fixed. Surfaces that are unstable, tiles that are loose, and constructions that are in danger of collapsing are all examples of this. As scaffolding provides a safe surface and workspace, these dangers can be fixed.

Window cleaning

The use of a ladder alone will not suffice to clean the windows of bigger commercial establishments, such as office towers, hotels, or retail outlets. Window cleaners have a considerable danger of death due to the common occurrence of windows up to twenty stories high. However, there are many ways to ensure their safety and comfort, such as using scaffolding structures.

Building inspections

Inspections of buildings and structures include verifying their credibility and safety. So it’s necessary to use safety equipment such as scaffolding because this examination often involves assessing the infrastructure’s numerous elements. The reason it’s necessary is because these elements can be hundreds of metres above the ground. Additionally, the scaffold should be installed in accordance with safety regulations.


Yes, you read that correctly. In Swansea just like many parts of the World, scaffolding has its use in the advertising industry. The first way it’s used for that is by the scaffolding company itself to promote their work. They do this because so many people walk or drive past who could need some scaffolding. Then if they think the scaffolding structure has been erected professionally they might call the company. Secondly, big companies regularly use scaffolding for advertising, as you can see Coca-Cola doing in the image. This is because they can showcase their products or services in places that were once not possible without the use of scaffolding.


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