Scaffolding for Swansea

Can scaffolding affect the tv signal?

Has this happened to you before when you come back from holiday or home from work? You go to turn on your TV only to discover that you have lost channels or have to re-tune them. Then you look outside and see that your neighbour has erected scaffolding so immediately you assume that this is the reason for your blocked signal. But can scaffolding affect the TV signal? It is a possibility that their hiring scaffolding in Swansea could be the cause of this which we will cover below but there are a few other reasons why this has happened which we will explore first.

Other things that can affect the TV signal

The weather

The first reason which is usually the case in the UK is bad weather. With Swansea being next to the coast we suffer from a lot of rainfall and strong winds. This heavy rain can affect your signal but once the weather improves then your viewing should return to normal. Also every once in a while we are subject to snow. If this gathers on the dish then it can cause it to move out of alignment. So this might result in you only being able to watch some channels but not others.

Has the dish moved

Second, if you are not receiving a complete picture, you should go outside and visually inspect your dish to see if it is firmly secured to your house. If it is not, you should not attempt to fix it yourself! Instead, you should call your provider so that they can send a qualified engineer out to take care of the problem. In addition to this, examine your dish to ensure that it has not shifted for any reason, such as because birds have been landing on it or constructing nests on it.

A TV satellite dish on the wall which could affect the signal if scaffolding was erected in front of it

Problems, updates and connections

Thirdly from time to time, some channels may be having temporary broadcasting problems or run updates. So this means you will not be able to view them all regardless of the condition of your dish. Equally, you can always try the old classic ‘turn it off and back on again’ to see if that solves the problem. Furthermore, make sure that all the wires are firmly connected to your box and television.


Now the other possibility is that it is the scaffolding. This does depend on the position of the scaffolding and your dish or aerial. But is the scaffolding rather close and interfering with the direction the dish or aerial is pointed? Then this very well could be the issue as metal structures such as scaffolding or cranes will ‘soak up’ the signal and cause temporary problems for TV reception. If this is the case then we don’t advise moving your dish because the scaffolding should not be up for long. Therefore, it means that your problem will be resolved on its own once it has been taken down. So we’re sure you can go without TV for a few days and maybe read a book instead?

Quick projects equal happy customers and neighbours

If you hire scaffolding in Swansea with us then we aim to have it erected and taken down as soon as its use has been fulfilled. We also try to work closely with your neighbours to reduce any tension. Also, we’ll get their consent if we need to crossover over and put scaffolding on their property.