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Photo showing a narrow part of scaffolding that has been erected on a residential building in Swansea

When it comes to residential scaffolding in Swansea there are many things to take into consideration when making sure a job is being done correctly. As a Swansea business we are familiar with local council rules and regulations, and make sure we comply with these standards. We ease the process of staying compliant with home extensions and building maintenance for all types of properties. Our expertise extends from residential scaffolding for roofs of single homes, to work on entire blocks of flats. At Scaffolding for Swansea we also work closely with your other contractors to make sure we do our part to get the job done on time.   



One of the first steps we undertake when setting up scaffolding is ensuring we are up to code with the local laws regarding construction. Our licensed operation and scaffolders work by following all rules and regulations of the area. We know there are local variations in the laws, and we make sure our structures and labour are in line with those restrictions. This is whether they concern building preservation, noise, or general safety regulations. We understand our clients may not be familiar with all of these nuanced limitations. So this is why we take the extra steps to make sure all of our construction is being implemented safely and legally.

Home extensions

Constructing a home extension is one of the many reasons our clients need a scaffolding hire in Swansea. There are an array of factors that go into this type of design. So we are here to help make sure the home extension goes smoothly and safely. We also provide scaffolding for loft conversions. During these projects, we come on-site to design a plan that will suit our client’s needs. Furthermore, the plans will always comply with the regulations and restrictions of building within the area. We take special care that when our scaffolds are on public property, we’re licensed and permitted to do so.

Building maintenance

In keeping with Swansea city regulations and standards for staying up to code, we provide all varieties of scaffolding hire for building maintenance projects. Whether it be a small rental property or a large care home, our contractors have the equipment and expertise to put up scaffolding for the needed maintenance. Working with everyone from building maintenance teams for large blocks of flats as well as private loft owners. We aid in making repairs that secure the building’s safety. We also have scaffolding to take on larger projects such as whole roof replacements. Our focus is on giving our clients the support they need to keep their buildings up to date.

Co-operative scaffolding service

We know that scaffolding hire is only a part of our client’s residential construction needs. As many different contractors are needed to complete home improvements, we understand the necessity of all of these contractors working together. So we take care of our scaffolding design to get construction completed on time. We work closely with whoever is working on related tasks, such as roofing or painting, to make sure we play our part in getting the job done. When the job is finished we arrive on-site promptly to take down the scaffolding. Then return our client’s building to normal as soon as possible.

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