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Are scaffolding boards treated?

When it comes to scaffolding, we always would want to make sure of the quality of the boards that would be used and of the materials of said boards. We, as customers always aim to get value for our money especially when it comes to heavy services such as scaffolding, and with that in mind, we also go for the companies that can make it worth our while and worth the money especially because scaffolding is a huge investment wherein it would take lots of time, effort, planning and designing to get things smoothly running and have it all done in no time while being able to put up the renovations for your home or building.


Over here at Scaffolding for Swansea, we make sure that when you look for ‘scaffolding companies near me‘ we show up all of your scaffolding and needs are met, whether it may be the materials we would be using, the service or installation or general queries for your projects wherein we have only the best to further assist you. In some cases, scaffold boards are indeed used for scaffolding and similar projects, they may not always be treated for external use, they’re even usually made from an inexpensive type of whitewood commonly found and they usually don’t last the test of time either. While on the subject of the materials being treated and all, most of the scaffolding boards that we have here in our company are chemically treated, with the intent and purpose of being used for construction and similar projects for any home or building.


Along with being treated for their purpose, the boards we utilise for all projects also have some kind of fire-resistant coat to them to stand the test of any fire or intense heat it’s put through to ensure that the scaffold is just as durable as its materials once it’s been put up. Now with the raw materials that we use for our boards, it is quite a familiar matter, as the wood we use has become quite popular in the use of various furniture and interiors. The wood is mainly composed of pine and was designed to indeed stand the test of time and remain sturdy and durable throughout its lifetime. On the other hand, the rough kind of scaffolding planks is mostly used in construction projects, usually held at sites.


With the raw material being pine wood, this can be either new or second-hand, as we usually don’t waste the materials that we use, despite some being second-hand, we still ensure that the process we turn the wood into a board is strengthened so that the board may be similar to a new kind of wood that was used, thus ensuring the quality of the boards we use for all scaffolding projects. In each board, there are end bands that we put on there to enable some sort of protection for the ends of the board as well, these bands cover up the vulnerable end grain of the boards, against a lot of factors, such as heat, cold, insects and more. Not to mention that in very specific scaffolding boards, although maybe rougher or a bit textured in some aspects, we also apply some Danish oil, with the oil acting as a varnish so that it could strengthen the wood in the hard-to-reach places such as the cracks and creases, this would allow the wood to last longer and become more durable and once again give you the value you and your money deserve because our scaffolding company in Swansea will always give you the best for your money so trust in us.