Scaffolding for Swansea

Can I remove or alter the scaffolding myself?

Our scaffolders in Swansea provide a safe and secure platform for individuals working at heights. They are frequently used on construction sites and home remodelling projects to facilitate access to roofs and building facades. Once the job is completed, and the scaffolding is removed, special care must be taken to complete the job safely. But whilst the project is ongoing, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to ask “Can I remove or alter the scaffolding myself?”. Now we’ll look at a few things involved in removing scaffolding. So then you can probably guess for yourself that you can’t remove or alter it yourself.

Qualified personnel for scaffold handling

Designing, erecting, changing, and dismantling scaffolds should only be done by qualified scaffolders. Furthermore, the work should always be carried out under the supervision of experienced contractors. You must hire a builder or scaffolding contractor who has been trained and proven to be competent in installing scaffolding. It implies that they must possess the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to manage health and safety issues effectively. Such activities shall be carried out exclusively by experienced and trained personnel selected by the competent person. The person should be capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surrounding environment or working conditions that are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to employees and taking prompt corrective action to eliminate them.

Planning and safety precautions for dismantling

The risk of the scaffolding take down is greater than the risk of scaffolding erection. Before removing any scaffolding, it is necessary to develop a removal plan that is tailored to the specific conditions of the scaffolding project in question. Construction workers who dismantle scaffolding must adhere to the program and consider the following scaffolding removal safety precautions. Before dismantling the scaffolding, the team should ensure that it complies with all applicable safety standards. Based on inspection results, it’s possible to implement the particular construction plan only if approved by both the company’s safety management department and its senior Swansea scaffolder. The person in charge of the project must assemble all necessary resources before starting the takedown. It is required that all scaffolding workers be given a written safety technical confession following the particular construction plan and safety technical operation rules.

A photo of scaffolding fittings that people ask if they can alter or remove themselves

Coordination and technical guidelines during dismantling

During the takedown operation, a competent person will be in charge of coordinating the efforts of everyone involved. From top to bottom, the scaffolding must be dismantled one piece at a time. The scaffolding must be used to remove the connecting wall sections one at a time. Dismantling the scaffolding before removing any connecting wall parts is a serious no-no. When areas and facades are demolished, a technical scheme must be developed. Before the removal, reliable reinforcement measures must be taken at both ends of the scaffold that will not be demolished. The demolition operation must be conducted strictly following the special construction plan and the regulations governing safe technical operation.

Insurance coverage and safety measures

Scaffolders face a unique set of hazards due to their work at height. Builders and scaffolding companies require insurance to cover these risks. These include public liability insurance to cover any injury to the public caused by falling items from the scaffold. Also, employer’s liability insurance covers their employees who are injured while working at height. Before they begin work, it is worthwhile to verify that they have this insurance in place.

Professional assistance for scaffolding alterations and removal

So as you can see, there is a lot of risk involved with scaffolding structure. Therefore, the answer is “no” you can’t remove or alter the scaffolding yourself. But this isn’t a problem! That’s because our team of scaffolders in Swansea can safely make any alterations you need. Then when it comes to taking it down all you have to do is call us and this doesn’t cost you. We can also assist you in ensuring that your scaffolding complies with the regulations.