Scaffolding for Swansea

What happens if the scaffolding I require is on public property?

The Scaffolders in Swansea we have, prioritise the safety of all highway users when carrying out any construction or maintenance work on or removing any part of a property adjacent to a public highway (road, pavement, or near lane). It is accomplished by erecting a hoarding at ground level or constructing a higher elevation platform to serve as a safe zone.


Any construction, maintenance, or removal of any part of a property that will necessitate scaffolding, a mobile tower, fencing, or hoarding on the highway or public property will require the acquisition of an appropriate licence before beginning work. You must obtain permission from the council before erecting a scaffold or other structure. If you do, you could face a fixed penalty of up to £150 or prosecution. Under Section 169 of the Highways Act 1980, a scaffold licence is required to erect scaffolding on the highway or public property. It will be necessary for the authority to verify that specific safety requirements are met before issuing a permit – for example, adequate lighting of the scaffold. Only qualified contractors with the appropriate street works supervisor and operative’s card are allowed to erect scaffolding on public roads. In addition, £5 million in general liability insurance is required.


Numerous local governments will require you to obtain a permit before erecting a scaffold in specific areas (usually public places). To learn more about the scaffolding permit requirements in your area, contact your local government’s planning or environmental health departments. Typically, there is a small fee associated with each permit application. It may be possible to register your business with a scaffolding registry, allowing you to submit permit applications over the phone or even online. Usually, there is an additional small annual registration fee.


With the application, it is recommended that you include a sketch of the proposed site. Before submitting your form, you should consult with our team of scaffolders in Swansea for advice if necessary. The form can be completed by either a contractor or a resident. The application must include the required public liability insurance information, which must be provided at submission.


The majority of scaffolding around residential properties will adhere to a well-established, standard design. Supported scaffolding is constructed from the foundation up to the set design. However, if it is not possible to use a straightforward standard configuration, a scaffolder or contractor must create a bespoke design to ensure that the structure’s strength, rigidity, and stability are maintained throughout the construction, use, and dismantling process.


Safety and health regulations for scaffolding must always be followed because of the potential dangers involved. Proper training of all employees involved in erecting, altering, and removing scaffolds is critical to meeting your employer’s health and safety obligations.