Scaffolding for Swansea

Do I need to be there while you are erecting the scaffolding?

We get it, between getting the children ready for school, walking the dog and going to work, people’s lives are very busy. So when you need to make home improvements this adds a whole other element to your schedule. This is why our scaffolders in Swansea regularly get asked “Do I need to be there while you are erecting the scaffolding?“. Well, the answer is no. Ideally, you would be there for the initial site visit so we can get a full scope of the project and the surrounding terrain. But when it comes to erecting it, you can carry on with your normal day. We’ll have our marching orders and we’ll execute them to perfection.

But don't I need to check it's getting erected correctly?

We know you can feel like you need to be there to make sure it’s going smoothly. But unless you’re a qualified domestic scaffolder, in which case you’d probably do the scaffolding yourself, then you’re not really going to know what’s going on. Now this doesn’t mean to say that you can’t be there. This could be to point out any loose paving, if the dog gate needs to be kept shut or if the neighbours are a bit awkward. However, this will all be done at the initial site visit anyway so there is no need to stress.

A graphic image of a man who is there while scaffolders are erecting scaffolding on his home

What if I can't be there for the initial visit?

This also happens quite a lot. This is because customers could be away on holiday, working shifts or visiting relatives. But this isn’t a problem either. We can just meet and work with the contractor who is carrying out the work. Or just anybody you trust and might want to meet us there to discuss the project. Also, we have been able to erect simple and basic scaffolding structures by sending photos and video calls. So although it’s not our preferred method, our Swansea scaffolders will work around your situation and plans.

Hire us to erect your scaffolding in Swansea

There you have it, you don’t need to be home for us to erect scaffolding. We know that trust is not easily gained and have built up quite a reputation to back up our claims and experiences. Therefore, we can show you all our licences and certifications before we even give you a quote. This builds trust with our customers. So that they feel comfortable in letting us visit their property even when they are not home.