Scaffolding for Swansea

Can you provide a quotation over the phone?

A lot of times, we like to call ahead to get a rough price so we know if we can even afford the scaffolding. So with that in mind, we’ll answer your question “Can you provide a quotation over the phone?”. It’s a tricky one but we’d have to go with “Yes” but only in certain circumstances. Scaffolding is a pretty big investment which takes some prior planning and it’s not an easy undertaking. But our scaffolding firm in Swansea can sometimes give quotes over the phone depending on the building. We can do this by giving rough scaffolding costs if you can send us a photo of what your project is. However, this doesn’t always work and we would still need a site visit before starting any build.

You should always call first regardless

We actually advise you to call us first as over the years we have discovered that most people have no idea about scaffolding prices. But if you call first then you can have an idea before we schedule an appointment to get a firm grasp on all the possible variables. These can alter the final figure if there are difficult working conditions.

When can and can't you provide a quotation over the phone?


We can usually give pretty accurate estimates for small to medium-sized houses. You can simply send us a photo through WhatsApp or email and if it looks like a straightforward job then we can give a quotation. Common houses for this would be terraced houses where you just require either a front or back side structure. Semi and fully detached houses are ok too but as they tend to be bigger with different terrains it’s harder to get a full scope of the project through a photo.

A black and white photo of a woman calling a scaffolding firm from her dining table to see if they can provide a quotation over the phone


Large-scale commercial properties or internal scaffolding projects we can’t do over the phone. This is for many reasons such as:

  • They tend to be more complex and can’t be captured by a photo.
  • Permits are often required especially if it’s on public property.
  • We usually like to send a team to assess the site and there is more risk involved with bigger projects.
  • Far more planning and labour is needed so the quotation needs to be carefully made.

We can help with quotations or anything else

We always aim for the best value from our scaffolding firm in Swansea. So we’re always ready to help out a customer whether it’s by quotes over the phone or site visits. But we encourage any customer to reach out to us when it comes to their queries about scaffolding quotations.