Scaffolding for Swansea

How long can I have the scaffolding for?

When it gets down to so many home project services, we always go for making sure of what has to be done or even prevented, just to make sure everything runs smoothly until the project may be fully accomplished. This also is the case when it comes to scaffolding, which is also a heavy project for any home or site. We always make sure of the processes and materials used for the project and any precautions needed are always taken the team makes sure of that once they come over, and they also make sure to keep an eye out on anything and everything to keep the safety and peace of everyone in the area.


Our company that offers scaffolding hire in Swansea, makes sure that the mentioned is indeed followed through. We also inform our customers well on what must be done when it comes to all scaffolding needs and purposes. In doing so, we allow the customers to be knowledgeable about what we do and what should be done to maintain everything done within the project that involves our service. In regards to the scaffolding services provided by our company, it has been stated that no law or rule states how long scaffolding is allowed to stay up, but if perhaps the scaffolding was put up in a site that happens to be on or along the public highway, it has been ruled that the scaffolding will be needing a monthly license. Even with the rule that is being upheld, no rule would state how long scaffolding may be restricted. 


On a different but related topic though, there is a rule stating that if scaffolding would be used for any type of construction, then it should be regularly checked on. This means that you should inspect it before its initial use for any purpose and that is to be followed up by regularly checking once every seven days, this being consistent of course until it has been taken down once the project has been completed. Although constant checking in on the scaffolding should also be done every time the scaffolding has been exposed to any sort of condition that would likely cause any kind of destruction to the scaffolding or deterioration, many factors such as extreme weather or any terrain may cause the aforementioned to happen. Coming from the laws that we have to abide by, our company aims to keep everyone’s safety in the best interest of everyone, doing so, we also implement doing good on our word in assisting our customers when it comes to all home and site projects that would eventually improve the said home and site. Our company takes pride in being able to serve our valued customers well and ensure them that along with value, we also ensure the safety that comes along with the great service that is given and that we do not take a step down when it comes to all the services we have at our disposal.