Scaffolding for Swansea

How long can I have the scaffolding for?

So you have a home improvement project coming. This could be a new roof, painting the walls on your upper floor or replacing your upstairs windows. Now it’s often hard to get a pinpoint timeframe for any project. So this often leaves customers asking “How long can I have the scaffolding for?”. We think we get asked this a lot because any work you need to do on your house is expensive. Therefore, you probably don’t want to run the risk of being charged extra for any extended scaffolding hire in Swansea.

Guidance on scaffolding usage

To put it simply, you can have the scaffolding for whatever period you want. Our company advises all our customers well on what must be done when it comes to all needs and purposes. Every project is different. But from being in the trade for many years we can usually estimate the duration you’ll need it for. But even if the job over-runs, we’ll just extend the hire.

Regulations regarding scaffolding

In regards to the scaffolding services provided by our company, no law says the time any frame is allowed to stay up. But what if the structure was put up for a site that happens to be on public property? Then it has been ruled that the scaffolding will be needing a monthly license from the City Council. So if you continue with the license and regularly check the structure then you are not doing anything wrong.

An image of a yearly calendar so you can mark how long you can have the scaffolding for

Maintenance and inspection protocols

You can keep the scaffolding erected for any stretch you need. There is a rule stating that if scaffolding is used for any type of construction, then it should be regularly checked. This means that you should inspect it before its initial use for any purpose. And that is to be followed up by regularly checking once every seven days. Then being consistent of course until it has been taken down once the project has been completed. Also, constant checking in on the structure should be done if the scaffolding has been exposed to any sort of condition that would likely cause any kind of destruction or deterioration of the frame. Many factors such as extreme weather or any terrain may cause the aforementioned to happen.

Safety priority and flexibility

Coming from the laws that we have to abide by, our scaffolding company in Swansea aims to put everyone’s safety first. So don’t stress with us about the span of the project because we understand that not all projects go to plan. We are very flexible and do not take a step down when it comes to all the services we have at our disposal.