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How much is a scaffold street licence?

Any construction or maintenance work carried out on public property must be safe for all users. Therefore, a permit application must be submitted to proceed. The scaffolding hire company in Swansea can’t erect structures on roads or pavements unless they have this license. So the license application must be made by the scaffolding company. But how much is a scaffold street licence?

Permit requirements and fees

To set up scaffolding on a public road, pavement, or any other area, you must first obtain a permit from the City Council. But is the scaffolding going on your private property and does not infringe on the public spaces? Then you are exempt from obtaining a building permit and do not need to notify a license. You will require separate approval for each scaffold structure that you wish to install. For instance, if you are installing both scaffolding and erecting two distinct scaffold structures in the exact location (one license for each structure).

Costs and additional fees

Your application should state precisely how long your scaffolding will be needed. Every 28 days is charged £70.00* to cover administrative and inspection costs. However, in some companies, the license fee to the scaffolding company is dependent on the overall length of the scaffolding. For example, the length of a scaffold up to 5m charges £67* per month, a length of ​11m to 20m charges ​​£140* per month, ​and each additional 20m charges ​​£40* per month. However, in some cases, additional scaffolding costs may apply. This is if our contractors are called to light or secure the site, if a bus stop suspension is required, or if any other additional traffic management is required (such as road closure or temporary traffic lights).

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Documentation and insurance

The payment is non-refundable. You will be required to submit a site location diagram that contains all of the information needed for the license. You must also possess a copy of the Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 8 Signing, Lighting, and Guarding cards or certificates. Furthermore, you must have a minimum of £5 million in public liability insurance. If requested, you must provide evidence of this. Placing scaffolding before the deadline is technically illegal under section 169, part 5 of the Highways Act. Applications are typically processed within ten business days. Appropriate approval will be granted in a license issued under the Highways Act 1980. However, if you don’t pay the proper fee and submit all required documents, your application will be delayed and possibly rejected.

Erection and safety guidelines

Once you’ve obtained your license, you’ll need to adhere to specific rules when erecting your scaffolding, these include:

  • Highlighting the ground-level scaffolding (painted or wrapped with hi-vis tape). 
  • There should be no permanent ladders within 2.5m of the ground. 
  • You must ensure that there are no sharp edges or corners. 
  • The scaffold should be built following NASC guidance document SG4 or the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Sealed above the pavement to prevent debris from falling on pedestrians.

Contact information

The license is issued to the scaffolding company for scaffolding and hoarding to the contractor stated on the form. So please get in touch with us via our scaffolding hire company in Swansea website. Then you can email a completed application form with the required supporting documentation.

*At the time of writing this