Scaffolding for Swansea

When is scaffolding required?

You are in the planning stages of a project, and you are pondering “When is scaffolding required?”. Since they are the ones who will be working from the platform, the contractor who is doing the job will almost always be the one to decide whether or not you need to have scaffolding in Swansea. This is because it is their safety concern. Now, you’re going to receive a lot of different responses from different people to this question. Therefore on this page, we’ll look at it from a regulatory standpoint.

Legal requirements and risk assessment

In short, scaffolding is needed when a thorough risk assessment has been conducted and has been concluded that it’s necessary. If you are working at height then by law a risk assessment must be carried out. However, if you’re doing the work yourself then it is not a legal requirement but we strongly advise that you take your safety seriously. Also if you have employees who are working at height then they must be safeguarded. Sometimes, fairly low-risk jobs such as minor roof repairs or fixing gutters you might able to do from a ladder. However, it is still advisable to utilise a scaffolding structure where possible. If the job is bigger and you’ll be working at height for extended periods then a well-designed scaffolding system is a far superior working platform.

Importance of scaffolding for safety and efficiency

The law doesn’t always require you to use scaffolding. But as we previously mentioned, if you are working at height and moving around for long periods then to reduce the risk of falling it is best to use scaffolding. Especially if the weather is bad which is often the case in Swansea. Having a well-designed system can reduce the time it takes to finish your project. This is because it will be easier to move around the structure such as your house. Furthermore, you can store a lot more tools on the scaffolding wooden boards. So it saves you having to climb up and down a ladder every time you need something or to work on a different section of the project. It’s the person’s responsibility and legal obligation who is in charge of the safety of the site to provide a safe working platform wherever necessary.

An old image of Buckingham Palace that has scaffolding erected on it as it was required when it had renovations

Versatility of scaffolding in various settings

Scaffolding is so versatile that it can pretty much be used on any property. This is the case if the building is being built, renovated, undergoing repair or demolished. The size of the property does not matter or if it is domestic, commercial or public. Multi-story office blocks can have commercial scaffolding going all the way to the top of the building if it is being built. Equally, Royal Palaces such as Buckingham Palace have also had scaffolding up to carry out repairs and upgrades. So it is not just the roof on your home that needs scaffolding, it is every type of property you can think of.

Providing suitable scaffolding solutions in Swansea

We have the correct scaffolding that is readily available for all your requirements if you think it is needed. For any further questions about “when is scaffolding required” and our scaffolding in Swansea, get in touch with us today.