Scaffolding for Swansea

Scaffolding Erection Swansea

A photo taken looking down the pole of an erected scaffolding structure in Swansea

From the inspection to the completion of your scaffolding project, our scaffolding Swansea team is here with you. We take the time to make sure the initial installation is done correctly using the highest quality materials to ensure your safety. Our skilled scaffolders get the job done securely and efficiently. We know that construction projects can take a while, which is why we make sure as soon as the project is completed, we are there to dismantle the equipment. Throughout the project, we stand behind our scaffolding erection in Swansea and our labour, ensuring the safest working conditions for our team as well as our clients.


Scaffolding erection in Swansea

During the initial erection of our client’s scaffolding system, we attend to every detail to make sure the project is done right from the beginning. As there may be several different contractors that need to use the system we ensure that everything is installed safely. No matter what structure is used, we make sure every swivel, right angle and putlog coupler is safely in place. For construction projects that take place over a long period, we come back to check on the safety and stability of our scaffolds. This is because we back up the quality of the product that we deliver.

Scaffolding materials

When constructing scaffolding for both interior and exterior projects, we use the highest quality materials. This is to ensure the safety of those using them. Though most projects call for steel or aluminium scaffolds we also work with other materials. One of these could be composite scaffolding in the case of a risk of electrical issues. Our experts help guide our clients to which materials are best for their projects. Furthermore, all of our scaffolding materials are inspected regularly. As a result, we make sure their structural integrity hasn’t been compromised by regular usage. In addition, we make sure that our equipment doesn’t damage the structure of your residence or business during the installation.

Dismantling the scaffolding

Upon completion of their construction project, our clients want the commercial or domestic scaffolding to be taken down. The main reason is always so their homes or businesses to go back to normal as soon as possible. This is why as soon as we receive notice that other contractors are finished using the scaffolding, we remove our equipment in a safe and timely manner. Also, any rubbish associated with our scaffolding erections is promptly removed from the site, and properly disposed of. Then we take great care to ensure that our materials haven’t left any marks or damages on the existing structure. So we return everything to our clients in the condition that we received it.


One of the biggest concerns for any construction whether it be a commercial or residential scaffolding Swansea project is the safety of all of those involved. First and foremost we ensure that all of our contractors are highly trained and work in compliance with all safety codes. These scaffolders know they are not only responsible for operating safely themselves but also responsible for the safety of the clients accessing the building. Not forgetting the other contractors using the infrastructure. In addressing these components of the project, we serve our clients by protecting both their property and the areas surrounding it.

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Although they may look impressive and exciting it is actually the small minor boring details that make all our scaffolding erections in Swansea safe. This has always been and will always to our goal because a safe environment is a productive environment. So call us here to talk about your scaffolding requirements.