Scaffolding for Swansea

Will I have to pay you to remove the scaffolding?

In any of our home project endeavours, we do have to consider the process of choosing what materials to use. Also the process of getting it all finished and any tidying up that needs to be done once the project has been completed. The same also goes for scaffolding, we agree that it is such a heavy and time-consuming product so it can often be expensive. But what a lot of customers ask us in our initial visit is “Will I have to pay you to remove the scaffolding?”.

No charge for scaffold removal

The short answer is no. There is no charge for us to remove the scaffolding. This is because the hiring rates are already inclusive of the cost of removing said scaffolding. Now, with scaffolding, there may be instances where you need to remove or alter parts of the scaffolding. But we urge you not to do this yourself as we are responsible for the structure. So just call us if you need to and our professional team can make these alterations. We are a local scaffolding company in Swansea so we’ll never be too far from your location.

An image of a bank that you would not need to use to pay to remove the scaffolding

Smooth scaffolding removal process

There are certain instances where it can be a nightmare to get a scaffolding company to take down a structure. We actually have an entire blog post on the steps you can take if you are in this situation. But if you hire our services then this will not be a problem you face. This is because we are Swansea locals and pride ourselves on getting the job done properly.

Easy access to contact information

If you need your scaffolding removed but maybe you have lost our number then this shouldn’t be a problem either. You can always find it on the advertising boards we attach to every structure. Or a quick Google search of ‘rent scaffolding near me‘ and we should be at the top. This is because we only offer the best services in Swansea for our customers and we don’t have any extra hidden costs like removing the scaffolding.