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Tips for erecting scaffolding in Swansea in wet conditions.

Tips for erecting scaffolding in Swansea in wet conditions

Raindrops landing on erected scaffolding boards in Swansea

There is still a considerable lot of rain in most parts of the UK even if temperatures are rising and the sky is filled with more brightness in the springtime. So erecting scaffolding in Swansea can be difficult in damp weather for a variety of different reasons.

As we’re so close to the coast, Swansea is an example of a location that could be unsuitable. Scaffolding can be hazardous at any time of year for a variety of reasons. Slippery situations are one of the causes of many problems.

Our top tips for erecting scaffolding in Swansea in the rain

Take a read of our list of helpful tips and methods you can use to keep yourself and your coworkers safe while erecting scaffolding in damp circumstances.

Be aware of your boundaries

If the weather is poor, you may not be able to work on or install the scaffolding outside. Scaffold construction demands a level of efficiency and precision that is impossible to achieve in times of intense rain and wind.

You cannot always guarantee the safety of your staff, which is perhaps more crucial. Tragedy-inducing work environments can be extremely challenging and difficult to deal with. Not to mention that the employee may be unable to perform even the most routine of work because of their discomfort.

Wear the right footwear

Scaffolding in Swansea has been the subject of several of our most recent blog posts, in which we express the importance of wearing the proper footwear. Surfaces can become moist when it rains, as you might expect. This causes surfaces to be slippery and unpredictable.

Wearing footwear with a good grip is advised since it might help you maintain your footing in these perilous situations. Heavy-duty shoes are also a must. In the event that you drop something on your feet, you won’t hurt them.

Slowly ascend the ladders

To avoid slipping and falling, take your time when attempting to climb up anything that can be slippery. Every step should be performed cautiously! But you should also have the proper procedures in place in the event of an emergency.

Make sure your co-workers look out for each other

Scaffolders have a strong sense of camaraderie, as you can’t complete the job without teamwork… you don’t see any one-man scaffolding companies. One of the reasons many workers feel secure is because of this.

In wet and windy weather, knowing that your coworkers will keep an eye out for your safety is more important than ever. Your coworkers may be able to foresee problems before they develop and aid you if the worst happens.

Turn over scaffolding boards if necessary

Although scaffolding boards are treated they still soak in the wet. So turning the boards while they are very damp is another simple safety tip you may follow in your scaffolding workplace. If the planks are moist and taking a long time to dry, this is especially useful.

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