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6 Things you need to know before you hire a scaffolding company.

6 Things you need to know before you hire a scaffolding company

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Looking for a scaffolding company in Swansea that you can be sure of when it comes to those small and big construction projects? Well, look no further as our local scaffolders have got you covered for all your scaffolding needs. Are you still quite unsure of how to find professionals when it comes to scaffolding? Well here are 6 informative tips that can help you out when it comes to scaffolding services.

Choosing the best scaffolding company in Swansea

When it comes to construction, there can be quite a lot of uses for scaffolding. Ranging from the smallest types of projects up to the larger ones, scaffolding can be very useful in more than a handful of situations. But when it comes to hiring a good or even great scaffolding, that may be a tad difficult. This is because we always want to get the most for our money and the services they provide. With that in mind, you must go for the most professional and best scaffolding company out there.

Prioritising safety in construction projects

Getting the job done would be one thing and having the job just done to get it over with and finished is another. Therefore, why not go all-in when it comes to your construction projects? Then you can make sure you have them fully completed without being left high and dry once they’re done. You’d be glad to know that when it comes to safety, we’ve got you covered too. Safety is one of our top priorities and we can guarantee that with our work and the services we provide. So you know that we are a company that you can trust.

Informative insights for customers

The tips below will provide a whole lot of information regarding the hiring scaffolding. So this can help all our customers and allow them the luxury of getting to know our company. Then they can see why we are the best for the job!

1. The services that are offered

When it comes to scaffolding in Swansea, you would always want to make sure of the services when selecting the best company for the job. With scaffolding being quite a heavy job in construction projects, it’s often a misconception that one type of scaffolding would be able to fit all projects. But in reality, a lot of these construction projects differ from each other. As a result of that, the size of the scaffolding would also differ with each project.

With each scaffolding project, there is also the use and need for various tools and equipment. So you also want to go for a company that has the complete package when it comes to their work too. When looking for scaffolding in Swansea, we can assure all our valued customers that we always have the correct and complete tools and equipment for the job. Aside from those, our company can come up with accurate quotes. This is to help our customers with how much they would be spending on their projects.

2. The company is fully licensed and registered

For services that are as significant and far-reaching as scaffolding, the companies must have the appropriate accreditation. This is also a reflection of the company’s honesty and capability when it comes to the service they provide. But also, the liabilities associated with the work that they conduct. When searching for a scaffolding firm to hire, here is a list of a few accreditation standards that you should make sure the business meets:

  • The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS)
  • National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC)
  • Constructionline
  • ISO 9001 certification

Having all these credentials may not be absolutely necessary. But it would be best if the scaffolding company in Swansea would have them. This is because it is proof of how committed they are to safety and the integrity and value of their services.

3. The company is fully insured

With scaffolding usually being large-scale structures, it can pose quite a threat when it comes to safety. Of course, when it comes to safety in Scaffolding in Swansea, you can always bank on us here! This is because, above everything else, we have safety on top of the list of priorities.

In a sense, scaffolding can pose a lot of risks as well but that doesn’t mean we don’t take safety seriously. We would always want to make sure a scaffolding company would be fully insured just in case. With us here though, you have the luxury that if ever something would take a turn on that part, Scaffolding for Swansea is fully insured which is another bonus.

4. The company has positive testimonials to their name

When it comes to services in general, a lot of companies out there may be known by their name or reputation. With that, you would want to go for a company that has tons of positive feedback regarding its services. These of course are included in their points of reference where the community can gather much-needed information regarding the services they offer. Whether it may be online or through word of mouth, the reputation of the company can usually speak for the company itself. It can also, instil a sense of security and integrity in what the company does and how well it provides its services. Regardless if there is positive or negative feedback, this type of information can prove to be useful for all those wanting to know more about the company.

5. Are the company and staff experienced?

From one of the previous points, having the right and complete tools and equipment is one thing. But from that, you would want to make sure that the Swansea scaffolding company has done several related projects. This would also come in handy when you look for information from the community’s feedback. In knowing how well we work and the experience we have, our customers can have an idea of what to expect when it comes to the simplest of scaffolding projects up to the larger-scale ones. Plus it allows you to know that you won’t just have the job done but perfectly executed.

6. The staff and team are well-trained

Before this point, the points mentioned earlier back up the idea of what we have up next. It’s not just about the experience of a good company coming in. It would also be beneficial to find out if the staff of the scaffolding company are actually well trained when it comes to scaffolding projects.


With our scaffolding Swansea team, you can always count on us to give the best service. Do you have any other questions or need any more information regarding our company or services? Then feel free to email us or give us a call. From there we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

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