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If you have rented scaffolding and it’s up, make the most of it.

If you have rented scaffolding and it’s up, make the most of it

Photo of a building that has a rented scaffolding structure going around the outside of it

With continuous developments in building and construction appearing across Swansea from new housing to office blocks, the demand for rented scaffolding is always at a high. For the City’s progress, we need major construction projects to be initiated and accomplished with safety and success.

How to accomplish a major construction project

Making maximum use of scaffolding is one way to avoid any type of equipment failure or any human loss while working on major projects. The full use of Scaffolding can enhance the health and safety of your workers and the public. Also, it can provide protection and safeguard equipment while working on any undertakings.

When to use rented scaffolding?

If you are working on ground level then you do not need to make use of Scaffolding at all. But do you need to work at high places, like the second, third, or even more high stories of new construction buildings? Then you are highly recommended to make proper use of scaffolding to ensure the safety and protection of the workers. Hiring professional scaffolding firms in Swansea can help anyone establish a safe and protective working environment.

The very important point to be made clear is that working on highly elevated places, like the 2nd or 3rd floor or even more high stories, can lead us to a scenario that may compromise health and safety. Professionally, ethically, and morally this is the sole duty of the Health and Safety manager, not to allow any type of elevated positioned work (except emergency work) without the appropriate use of scaffolding.

Why do some work on an elevated position without scaffolding?

Most probably, workers do not use rented scaffolding for an elevated position due to the following reasons:

Lack of awareness

The individuals are not educated well about the hazardous results of not using scaffolding while working at height in significant construction projects. Therefore, due to a lack of proper education, they do not use scaffolding. This is a crazy point but you’d be surprised how often it happens. Whoever is in charge must ensure that every employee is educated with the basic knowledge to make appropriate use of scaffolding.

Shortage of time

Another possible reason for not using scaffolding is the lack of time. The labourers sometimes use ladders or any other means to work at high places rather than making use of scaffolding. The use of a quick approach to do work at an elevated position even when scaffolding is easily available and can be accessed, is opening up the risk of a major incident. We get it though, sometimes people just want to get a “quick and easy” job done. So they climb up ladders to do something. But it just takes that one time for an accident and it will leave you regretting that you didn’t use the proper precautions. However, emergency workers are excluded from the restrictions of not working without scaffolding. The health supervisors should not allow anyone to work at an elevated position without using scaffolding.

Non-availability of scaffolding

Sometimes the workers do work without using scaffolding due to its non-availability. This is just simply a lack of planning if you have not arranged for a scaffolding company in Swansea to erect a structure. The construction company should ensure the availability of required scaffolding for worker’s use at their firms. Scaffolding is readily available to rent. All it takes is a bit of forward-thinking and having a couple of good companies in mind.

Rented scaffolding prices in Swansea

People often think that scaffolding is expensive. But if they only knew the costs involved with not using rented scaffolding such as project time increasing and staff taking time off due to incidents. Then we don’t think they would see it as such a great expense anymore. Fortunately in Swansea, you can easily get the scaffolding company services at affordable prices with full trust and quality.

The main two types of rented scaffolding

Domestic scaffolding

In domestic scaffolding, you can get scaffolding services for repairing or reconstructing any part of your home. Some of these include the roof, walls, and windows. Also, you can even hire it for the entire construction of your home.

Commercial scaffolding

This type of project might include many contractors and license holders. Are looking at a really big construction project? Then you can get our services of commercial scaffolding in Swansea with complete confidence and satisfaction.


Lets re-cap. If you have rented scaffolding then you really should make the most of it. This will increase how quickly you can complete your project all whilst keeping everyone safe. So there is no need to prop the ladder up against a wall or hang out a window to do “that little job” anymore. Just save yourself time and a lot of potential risk by hiring scaffolding to go to any part of a building. If you are worried about the added cost then let us elaborate on the scaffolding prices in Swansea. You can have access to any type of scaffolding service at affordable rates. But the price varies with the nature of the scaffoldings you require. Therefore, call us today so we can visit your site and give you an accurate quote.

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